Our Mission

To provide real estate solutions and resources to all the property owners we work with

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Our Values

Fearlessly uncomfortable
Always seeking growth and taking calculated risk

Always putting people over profits. Doing the right thing all the time with no exceptions

Positive Attitude
Nothing great has been accomplished with a poor attitude

Follow Up
Remember the homeowner and work on their timeline

Believe in yourself

Bring Solutions
All problems have solutions

About Us

Freedom Cash Home Buyers is a growing company dedicated to solving your real estate problems! Our team has combined experience of over 50 years solving real estate problems. We have encountered every possible situation and we are confident that we can help with yours and give you the solution you seek. We have become one of the top cash home buying companies because we make the homeowner’s priorities, our priorities. We are always in alignment with you and your needs and will work non-stop to ensure you win.

Story From The Founders

We started Freedom Cash Home Buyers with you, the homeowner in mind. One of the main reasons we started the company was because we encountered two real estate problems. While teenagers in high school, our mother’s home went into foreclosure. In addition, while in college our grandmother’s property was about to be sold at the tax auction.

Through our resources and great problem solving skills, we were able to help our loved ones and get them cash. In the process of helping them, we found our passion of helping people and solving problems. These experiences taught us invaluable lessons that we use in every deal we do.

We are committed to helping you and ensuring we do what is in your best interest. In working with us, you will get your problem solved by a professional team that caters to your individual needs. Call us today and let us help you and set you free!

Let us help you,


What our customers are saying

“They were a pleasure to work with and
they helped me save
my credit”

-Philip Huff

“My house was scheduled to go into foreclosure in 5 days, they got it stopped
and I got my cash quick”

-Anabell Gonzales

“I didnt think anyone would buy my house because of the condition it was in but they did and I got more cash than expected”

– Johanne Taylor

Company News

  • FCHB’s Quick Closing Puts Worried Grandma’s Mind at Ease

    The elderly are usually the first to get hit when it comes to fraud and being taken advantage of. There’s a company that’s turning that around though. Freedom Cash Home Buyers recently helped a grandmother who had fallen ill sell her home quickly and for a fair price. “We purchased the home fast and for

    May 3, 2019
  • Freedom Cash Home Buyers Quickly Becoming South Florida’s #1 Cash Home Buyer

    Freedom Cash Home Buyers continues to shine up the somewhat tarnished reputation that is often associated with cash home buyers. Operating with the utmost integrity and adhering to a strict, self-imposed, code of ethics, the South Florida based company closed multiple quick cash home sales again in February, reinforcing their progression of being South Florida’s

    March 11, 2019
  • Instant Buy Saves Miami Homeowner from Despair

    Selling a home is something that typically takes time and careful consideration. But what happens when there is no time and the homeowner has got to move fast, literally? Ask the owner of 1795 NW 84th Street in Miami, Florida who recently found herself in a desperate situation which forced her to sell her home

    February 18, 2019
  • FCHB Helps Homeowner By Buying Distressed Home Near Little Havana Miami

    It wasn’t just the home at 1509 SW 14th Terrace in Miami, FL that was distressed, the home owner was distressed as well. But Freedom Cash Home Buyers stepped in to save the day. When a Miami homeowner found himself unable to sell his run-down home, he found himself in a world of trouble. Bills

    January 2, 2019

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