FCHB’s Quick Closing Puts Worried Grandma’s Mind at Ease

The elderly are usually the first to get hit when it comes to fraud and being taken advantage of. There’s a company that’s turning that around though. Freedom Cash Home Buyers recently helped a grandmother who had fallen ill sell her home quickly and for a fair price.

“We purchased the home fast and for cash,” a Freedom Cash Home Buyers representative stated. “The daughter contacted us and told us about her mother who was sick and needed to sell her home quickly. We were happy to help. The deal was closed in record time and made sure she was properly compensated.”
The elderly woman’s home, located at 7020 Fillmore St., Hollywood, FL 33024, was far from being in immaculate shape. She had been ailing and didn’t have the time, money, or strength to fix the house up to put it on the market. In fact, she hadn’t even planned to sell it. But, the situation presented the pressing need to sell quickly. Fortunately, Freedom Cash Home Buyers valiantly stepped in to help her.

The scenario could have been much different, however. Hundreds of unsuspecting sellers are taken advantage of every year. The cash home buying industry has been marked by shady scam artists and greedy buyers. Despite the bad reputation they continually have to live down, Freedom Cash Home Buyers operate with impeccable integrity and an impressive self-imposed code of ethics that set them apart in the home buying game. They believe in a win-win strategy which is why they are one of South Florida’s #1 Cash Home Buyers.

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“Needing to sell a home quickly puts a seller in a vulnerable position,” a Freedom Cash Home Buyers spokesperson explained. “Typically the urgency is created by an emergency situation in the first place, like an illness or death. The last thing they need is someone swooping in to make matters worse. Sadly, plenty of home buyers do prey on those in need. We take pride in being different. We are passionate about helping those who are down and out. We want to give them a hand up, not push them down further.”’

The helping heart of Freedom Cash Home Buyers was born years ago when the twin Mathis brothers who own the company experienced two of their closest relatives, their mother and their grandmother, almost lose their homes, back to back. They rallied together and helped save the day then and in doing so, discovered their passion. Together, they now have more than 50 years’ experience in the field of cash home buying. They strive to close as quickly as possible and also to provide fair purchase prices, unlike many in the business. They also make sure there are no hidden surprises and that everything is above board, in keeping with their commitment to transparency.